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Why no one can touch apple

March 3, 2011


Aside from Charles Sheen, the news of yesterday was the launch of the second iPad.

Apple continued to demonstrate their ability to surprise us by launching a device that was lighter, faster and thinner than the original, the ability for video communication and a clever case design.

Sarah Rotman over at Forrester summed up Apple’s ability with a simple phrase.

“In a post-PC world, consumers have a more intimate relationship with their devices. They use them on the couch and in bed and not just at their desk. They show their devices to other people (40% of iPad owners in Forrester’s surveys report regularly sharing their iPad with other people). Fostering that desire is a smart way to differentiate your piece of glass from other pieces of glass that perform essentially the same functions.”

It’s Apple’s ability to create magic that clearly sets it apart, but when you add that excellence in product and UX design to a strong brand and their ability to access powerful technology at lower cost, you have a winning combination.

With a new iPad rumored to be coming before the end of the year, the brand’s challenge will be all about communicating the “need” for the iPad2.

I am sure we can expect to see some compelling advertising for this device in the coming months.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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