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Will lift help you just do it?

August 25, 2011

The personal motivation business is worth billions of dollars; every bookstore you go to has acres of space devoted to it.

People are obsessed with better understanding themselves and trying to set clear goals in their personal and business lives.

It’s a like dieting, but for the mind; there are always lots of new fads to attract and distract and people have a really tough time sticking to the plan and actually achieving anything.

Many brands play subtly on these aspirations and dreams, especially in financial services. However, the association is distant and abstract at best. Perhaps it’s just a carrot to attract attention, but they provide very little in the way of real follow through.

We are now seeing technology in the form of internet-based social media step up and have the potential to play a key role in helping make dreams happen for people and achieve the goals they have set themselves.

There are some obvious examples here; with brands like Etsy; which makes it possible for people to sell their craft to millions and Kickstarter; which gives people with creative ideas the chance to have them realized.

At a lower level, there are all kinds of applications that help track, measure and calculate to help people see if they’re close to achieving the goals they set themselves.

Now comes Lift backed by the guys behind Twitter.

What shape this takes isn’t exactly clear- when you sign up for information a cryptic email arrives with just one clue.

“We’re interested in ways new technology can help unlock human potential, especially through the use of positive reinforcement. That’s all we can tell you right now.”

Will it be the next Twitter?- who knows.

The “clue” seems to suggest some similarities to what Nike has caught onto and explored with “cheers” from friends while you are running.

I imagine a site which allows people to establish goals and report achievements and to encouragement along the way.

What you have here is a really rich data repository of people’s real goals, intentions and ambitions, which obviously becomes an advertising goldmine, but it could be bigger than that.

There are a few challenges for Lift as to tries to get off the ground.

1.   Getting people to participate

2.   Providing really good tools for input, reporting and assessment

3.   Giving incentives and rationale for the crowd to encourage others

4.   Developing interesting programs with brand partners that aren’t just based on eyeballs- but instead give brands the chance to be creative and by doing so, to build stronger relationships with customers



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