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Your phone is a banana

November 28, 2011

We currently place a lot of emphasis on the digital gadgets we own; we recognize their style, we personalize them, we update them and we discard them when something cooler and more revolutionary comes along.

What if we were looking at the wrong paradigm and it’s not about the form factor or the physical object?

What if instead was all about what we wanted to do and achieve?

If you cast aside the form factor and imagined using everyday objects as the carriers, you would end up with a different world.

Welcome to the world of Invoked Computing from the University of Tokyo.

It’s all about you telling a master computer what you want to do and the service is provided for you. While this is still at the very early stages of development, to say the least, it’s a radical move away from our current school of thinking.

However, you can imagine that our offices and homes might be the first places where we see this technology come to the fore. The “product” would be a master computer that responds to our gestures/voice and instantly provides solutions to meet those needs, it would be a one off piece of hardware with software that gets updated and enhanced via the cloud.

Think of the consequences…

1. All the stuff we could get rid of.
2. The environmental benefits of doing that
3. The lamented demise of the electronics product designer and product design

Via Core 77


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