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Nike fuel = mass cool

January 19, 2012

One thing Apple has taught us over the past decade is that there can be such a thing as “mass cool”.

Originally, cool was found in niches and pockets and sub-cultures, cool was divisive and it sorted people out; there’s were cool things and then the stuff that everyone else had, which was mass.

Somehow Apple managed to make it’s cool accessible to everyone that’s probably the single most important factor behind its incredible growth,

Nike has been a partner with Apple for a while and obviously learned a great deal along the way. In the period of their working relationship on Nike+, the athletic giant has learned a fair bit about the allure of technology and the next iteration, Nike Fuel seems to be an interesting consolidation of learning experiences.

What interests me most me most about the idea is how equalizing it is- instead of splitting active individuals into camps according to discipline, the world is one and it has a universal currency which is even branded- “Nike Fuel”. It seems so accessible and easy- I can see grandmothers using it with their grandchildren- the cool band being the bond that they share.

Suddenly, I have a vision of participating with my peers and also comparing myself to the greats- the possibilities and application of this data both social and beyond are pretty infinite. I can see televised basketball games with Fuel data running on a ticker, I can see challenges between athletes across different sports- the list goes on and that’s not even considering the opportunity to drive consumers directly to product.

With all the benefits that are heading Nike’s way, the darn thing should be free, but they are smart enough to charge $150 for the privilege of you giving them your precious athletic data.

Fuel is the latest iteration and build on the already iconic Nike+, which still is the “go to”case study that defines brand utility and it’s been around for years and we don’t yet
really have anything comparable from anyone else, what are brands waiting for?

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