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The strategy of the social media conversation

June 1, 2012

Social media expertise is supposedly the most desired skill set in marketing right now, as every brand is scrambling to gain an informed opinion.

Therefore, there’s no shortage of information out there to help, but what we seem to lack is an approach to think strategically about the role brands should play in social media conversations.

Earlier in the year, Influx teamed up with Argus Insights, a company that specializes in collecting and collating social media data and took a retrospective look at the actions of brands within the social media landscape.

Quite simply, we wanted to see what brands were doing and how consumers were interacting in the social media space. By looking at and examining a series of case studies across different categories, we were able to develop an approach for thinking about social media.

We netted out by uncovering the key dimensions and areas that brands need to think about by basically asking these three questions.

1.    What do you have permission to do?

Brands have distinct equities that they own, together with unique personalities- these factors should define how the brand behaves and acts as a conversationalist

2.    What are you looking to achieve?

You need to align your social media goals long and short-term and understand to achieve these goals you need different approaches

3.    What type of conversationalist are you?

Obviously, this is somewhat aligned to equity and personality, but in the social media landscape every brand has to be a conversationalist. You therefore need to know what the basic requirements of this role are and what the best way to generate engagement might be.

To help brands answer these questions, Influx has developed a toolkit and a process to get to these answers in a strategic manner.

Influx and Argus Insights shared the preliminary findings of this study at our Back to Storytelling Basics Conference last week in NYC and this presentation can be seen below.

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