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The rise of hybrid media- part one

August 14, 2012

We are starting to see new media emerge from the flickers and shadows of old media designed to bring entirely new experiences to users.

Music has been defined by the listening to the track, the album, or the live performance, but when MTV arrived in the 1980s, the music video became the format of choice.

While MTV might be a shadow of its former self- YouTube has taken on its mantle and is now the preferred music channel of choice for today’s teens.

Moving onto today’s age of mobile and we now have music integrated into our phones with our players and services like Pandora and Spotify and we are also seeing new experiences with the rise of music apps, like Bjork’s critically acclaimed Biophillia.

Google is experimenting with the next wave- an experience that works straight from your mobile browser.

The Chrome Experiment has gone mobile with Big Reel’s Bravest Man in the Universe, which takes you out into the universe to listen to Bobby Womack’s track and play a few beautifully designed and very simple interactive games in the process.

The vital ingredient here is the opportunity for interaction that redefines the experience and the fact it’s so lightweight, it just works from your browser. With music listening being one of the most popular uses of mobile phones we expect to see more intelligent combinations emerge in the near future that involve interaction from the user, from their surroundings (as in geo-location) or from their activities (think better integration with exercise apps).

Here’s a video teaser for the experience.

Part 2 will take a look at how the book/reading experience is being transformed.


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