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A post-materialist magazine

August 14, 2012

Future Publishing in the UK is going to launch this September, a new magazine called The Simple Things.

It’s one of the first big print publications to take a post-materialist viewpoint and to reflect the values, attitudes and behaviors we seeing in these continued recessionary times.

It’s a look at the new world of the declining “Middle Classes”.

As the title suggests, it’s all about finding pleasure in the simple, no-cost or low-cost life and not taking for granted the people and things that are around us.

The sample issue gives you a flavor of the content and contains- a piece on allotments, old radios, how to combine old furniture with the new and trees and people who seem to appreciate gathering together and eating plates of carrots.

Clearly this trend is nothing new, it’s been with us since 2008 and there are dozens of blogs and small publications are dedicated to elements within the space, but Future is the first major publisher to get behind it and it will be interesting to see if any US publisher follows Future’s lead.

The obvious challenge with a post-materialist magazine is what happens with the advertising?

Once you slot the ads into the book, does it suddenly devalue the magazine and its mission?

Can you find enough advertisers who share your values and what happens when the magazine comes under revenue pressure?

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