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Enemies- a social idea for a divisive age

March 28, 2012

While the country seems increasingly polarized around every topic imaginable, it’s almost utopian to think that we can survive in a Facebook-centric world that’s only focused on Friends and Likes. The company appears to have no room for enemies or dislikes, which has basically left the door wide open for someone to step into the void.

It took a group of students at University of Texas to come up with the idea of EnemyGraph and while it’s success might be shocking to those involved, 10k users in 36 hours, it could easily have been predicted.

While commentators have shunned the negative forces that they claim to be pulling a country apart, it’s only human nature to rally around and converse about things that we don’t like- while some early stage manifestations are obvious, like pushing against unpopular cultural icons like Beiber, it would be interesting to see if the force of negative energy can turn into a positive force for good.

EnemyGraph is one manifestation of a social media world that’s in constant flux and broadening beyond Facebook’s singular vision.