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$36 trillion ready to be re-imagined

May 30, 2012

Mary Meeker’s annual datafest is now out, chronicling the growth and swings of the global internet phenomenon.

Her main observations are as follows:

1. The emerging markets is where the action is at, because they are growing fastest

2. Mobile presents huge opportunity- but it’s not yet being realized

3. Tablets are one of the fastest growing technologies in history

4. Facebook is a powerful incubator for new media brands- Viddy added 17 million users thanks to promotion on the site

5. Categories are being re-imagined and this trend looks set to continue with the potential of $36 trillion in market capitalization up for grabs

Mary’s idea of re-imagination is the dream of the business school graduate who now has it within their power to transform business at a global scale- entirely through their own actions. The big challenge for the incumbents is to innovate to protect their share, because failing to re-imagine their own category will result in someone else doing it for them.

Those who believe is nothing is really changing, should take a look at what Mary has to say.


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