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A tragic smartphone loss

August 6, 2012

The image above is of a man in the New York subway searching with a torch and some kind of “grabbing pole” for his smartphone that he was convinced fell onto the track.

As you can see it’s an elaborate operation; it involves, torches, tools and time and I also should mention, he also had a “partner” at the other end of the line keeping watch for incoming trains.

It’s a timely reminder that our smartphones are becoming increasingly valuable-it’s not just their monetary value that’s important, but the emotional value of all the stored assets that are on the them.

Loosing one is a serious problem, especially if you haven’t backed up.

It makes me think that much of today’s phone marketing is all about speeds and feeds; it’s classic technology communication and there’s certainly an opportunity for those who have smart features like; find a phone and automatic back-up to the cloud, to talk about them in more of an emotional manner.

There are also other opportunities in society to recognize that people are human and in the place where people tend to use and leave their smartphones- movie theaters, taxis, restaurants, public transportation- gentle nudges and reminders might be nice.

Much has been written about smartphones changing our lives and we know their impact has been considerable, but we are now at a moment where the objects have been ingrained into our lives and our now vital items.

Those operating in this space have the opportunity to create relationships with customers, by not just selling them on the speeds and feeds, but by finding smart and clever ways to helpĀ  and remind people what they can do to protect their precious phones and the data and memories contained within them.

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