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Opportunities in a smart glass world

June 7, 2012

At E3 earlier this week, Microsoft unveiled one of its latest initiatives “Smart Glass”; a complimentary tablet or phone based platform to the X-Box.

Thinking of the console as the center of a users viewing experience, the idea of “Smart Glass” is to add enhance the experience or to add new elements to existing experiences. It’s further confirmation of the multiscreen, multitask world where it’s possible to engage users in different ways.

Microsoft is obviously trying to respond to the multiscreen trend and the growth of tablets by offering a service that takes advantage of the trend and since this is still a battle for the living room, they clearly want to see X-Box win in this space.

For content creators and advertisers, this is truly a new world of opportunity.

Right now it’s being presented as a left brain, right brain deal- the big screen has all the right brain stuff and for the detailed information you consult your tablet. It’s based on many of the mental models we are familiar with; the big screen creates the awareness and then you dig deeper to get to consideration.

The power of this technology at first glance is to be able to rapidly shrink the time from awareness to transaction by getting the user and potential customer up-to-speed in a very short period of time and by using the technology to either close the sale or get the user closer.

This model while obviously compelling from an advertiser perspective, it seems very rational, but it’s likely that true innovation in this experience will come from those who play with the possibilities that exist here.  One of the most interesting is to create genuine interactions between the big screen and the tablet that deepen the level of engagement and encourage the user to actively participate in the process.

It’s a “no brainer” that advertisers right now should be developing for multiscreen experiences, but they need to force themselves to think imaginatively about the potential possibilities, rather than just following the linear model.

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