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Apple Needs another Monster to Attack

September 10, 2013

Despite the media coverage for today’s iPhone launch event that all mentioned how underwhelming the whole event was, there was one publication that added a point of view to the coverage.

MIT’s Technology Review’s Rachel Metz struck the right chord when she stated…

“However, Apple will need another category to chase to maintain its reputation. The company got where it is by watching other companies stumble with new technologies before presenting its own solution to wide acclaim (and intense sales). That worked with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. What’s next?”

The idea that the Apple brand is best when its taking on a category and transforming it; this is at the heart of Apple’s DNA and its problem right now is that it doesn’t have a new category.

Rachel suggests wearable computing will be where Apple will goes next with a smart watch, but this seems too nascent a category to allow Apple to be truly disruptive.

Clearly, the category where it probably believes it could have the most impact is television and the rumors of something big happening with Apple and TV have been knocking around for well over a year. Apple built it’s brand taking on music, movies and phones, TV has to be the monster it wants to attack, but as we all know, tackling that multi-headed hydra is not an easy thing to do.

In some ways, Apple is on a sabatical- it’s done so much in a relatively short period of time, it’s taking a well earned rest and its shareholders are hoping that it has a couple of monsters lined up primed to attack and challenge, so the brand can get its mojo back.


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