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Counter The Prevailing Trend-Sell Selfishness this Holidays

November 27, 2013

When a retail brand faces up to the reality that the Holiday season is its biggest sales period of the year, it’s very hard to challenge the power of tradition and sentimentality, in the UK, this seems to be all the rage, with every single retailer pulling some type of emotional heart string.

So, it’s great to see someone bucking the trend and placing selfishness front and center.

It works perfectly for an upscale department store like Harvey Nichols, who are selling indulgent luxury items, but to go the extra mile and developing a line of cheap gifts that show just how selfish you are, is pure genius.

The campaign is nicely executed with a “wink and a nod”, so you can imagine people buying those branded cheap gifts for fun,but still giving great gifts.

It certainly a strategic approach that gives the brand talk value, at a busy time when that’s tough to achieve.

Kudos to Adam and Eve-DDB for this and maybe this is the outcome of working on all the sentimental stuff for John Lewis.

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