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Influx Creativity Conference- Speaker Spotlight- Alexis Kaplan- Tumblr

October 9, 2013

This year’s Influx Creativity Conference, held on October 15th in NYC, explores the journey to great creative ideas from a variety of different perspectives; including app developers, senior executives from Coca-Cola and Mondelez, a Broadway composer and others.

Consumers are now closer to brands than they have ever been and many brands are inviting them into the marketing process to create.

If you are looking to see the world of consumer, amateur and prosumer content creation in action, Tumblr is a living lab, if you want proof just take a look at AMC’s Breaking Bad site of fan art.

The site launched in February 2007 and in its first two weeks 75,000 users created blogs. Tumblr transformed blogging because it made it very easy for anyone to set up a personal site, there’s nothing to code and nothing to learn, but it allows you to play with the layout theme and that’s why it appealed to the creative types. The invention of the “reblog” button in May 2007 boosted the site’s growth and meant people didn’t even have to create their own content, they could share the work of others.

Tumblr makes it easy for people to express themselves, unlike blogs; they don’t have to write anything and unlike Facebook, it wasn’t an identikit experience. It’s the blank canvas aspect of the platform that has attracted an interesting community of creators and their followers and its goal moving forward is to encourage, nurture and fortify that community.

One of the most interesting things about Tumblr, is that despite its ease and blank canvas-like functionality, it has somehow managed to build a brand with a sensibility, attitude and cool. It was this intangible sense of brand cool combined with Tumblr’s massive audience that led Yahoo to purchase the company for close to $1bn in May of this year.

According to Quantcast, the site is the 5th most visited in the US, has 54 million users, 70 million posts a day and 17.5 billion monthly page views.

We are delighted that Alexis Kaplan, a Brand Strategist at Tumblr will speak at Influx’s Creativity Conference on October 15th. Alexis will bring us up-to-date with the creative trends on the platform and explain how it’s working together with brands to help them engage with the Tumblr community.

You can register for the Influx Creativity Conference here


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