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The Moment Matters for a Moment- Nokia and Oreo

September 27, 2013

In a world where it pays to pay attention to the moment, Nokia pulled off a successful hijack of Apple’s phone launch with a real-time tweet highlighting calling attention to Apple immitating Nokia’s use of color in its phone designs.

It was a tweet that broke all previous marketing tweets, eclipsing the record held by Oreo at this years Superbowl and called attention to the opportunity brands have to garner awareness with a dedicated laser-focused effort.

It was a nice needle scratch for Nokia’s new owner Microsoft as it tries to bring the brand back. It was smart to capture the attention of the right audience when it was tuned into learn about Apple’s new phone.

In 2013, brands have the opportunity to engage and connect with their audiences like they never had before. Twenty years ago, if a customer wanted to contact a brand, they wrote a letter. Today, the feedback and flow can be instantaneous. The possibilities for dialog are limitless.

In the case of Nokia and Oreo, we are talking about brands being able to seize attention during a moment when attention is focused on an event. Finding the right thing for a brand to say at the right moment is a new skill, but in absence of a strategic plan, it could end up being next to worthless. If lucky, the brand gets its 5 seconds of fame, but then fades back into the background.

It seems like trying to create a plan and importantly a story to build around this moments is key- brands should ask themselves some questions before they try to capture attention at key events. What do we want to achieve? How do we connect our brand to the event? How much risk do we want to take? Where’s the relevance? Do we care about being “on brand”? If we capture attention, what is our next move? Repeat Repeat Net- What’s the story arc?

Obviously, we’ve read a great deal about the logistics required to make this happen; lawyers, clients, creatives often working in the same room at the same time, so if you are you making this much effort, you might as well have a next move planned to make sure you can sustain your initial success; net- brands need to think more about story, than just shouting out a joke and then leaving the room.

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