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The Power of Real Brand Experiences

September 13, 2013

At a time when we are obsessed with all things digital, it’s easy to forget the power of bringing a brand to life in the physical world.

With people looking to experiences and the chance to breakaway from behind their phones and their desktops and out into the real world, brands have a great opportunity.

Increasingly, the live brand event is much more sophisticated than putting up a booth at a popular local event, at their best, these events are owned by the brand and managed like a story and instead of shunning the digital, they embrace it and fully integrate it into their experience.

The live event of the C21st is a complex production, designed to reach a core audience and deepen its relationship with the brand. To engage, these events need to be superbly produced and provide a truly meaningful experience for participants; they can’t simply be giant immersive ads.

At BSSP, we have some experience in this space, working with MINI and their MINI Takes the States event. This event runs every couple of years involves several hundred owners doing a Cannonball Run style rally across the country. On MTTS, people have made friends for life and a few years ago, a couple even got married on it. The other great part is that MINI’s marketing team takes part in the 10-day event, there aren’t many other brands that are that committed to spending their days and nights with their consumers, not even Apple or Nike.

Given Advertising Week is coming up, we thought it would be smart for us not to talk about advertising, and instead gather some of the best brains in the brand experience business and talk about what it takes to do this well.

On September 24th at 10am at BB Kings- BSSP is hosting and moderating a panel on brand experience with Jim McDowell of MINI, Hosi Simon of Vice (who are behind Intel’s Creators Project) and Dan Hirsch of OBE (who mastermind the Nike Women’s Marathon)

We hope you can join us, details can be found here. 

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