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What’s the Influx Creativity Conference?

October 2, 2013

We are at a time where ideas are everywhere.

They are being scribbled on the back of envelopes of every business school graduate, generated in their hundreds in corporate brainstorming sessions around the world and written up daily by an army of bloggers and presented to clients by communication agencies  seemingly every second of every single day.

We are quite simply drowning in ideas.

However, what we don’t have in abundance are great ideas.

Great isn’t easy.

Great ideas require a unique mix of insight, talent, selling skills and craft.

Great ideas have something magical and powerful about them.

At Influx we decided to dedicate this year’s conference to understanding what it takes to get to a great idea.

We thought it would be intriguing to gather a diverse collection of speakers who individually are responsible for creating, nurturing and championing great ideas and learn from them how you get from a merely good idea, to a great one.

Here are our speakers and the themes of their talks at the conference.

A Broadway Composer Tells Us How He Gets to Musical Greatness

David Yazbek has written a number of Tony nominated Broadway scores and is now working on a musical version of National Lampoon’s Animal House. David will be explain his creative vision and his process of getting to memorable music and lyrics.

Charity Water On How They Re-Invented Charity

Paull Young runs the digital side of Charity Water, one of the most progressive non-profits out there that bring innovation and creativity to bear on everything it does. Paull was recently interviewed by Mashable and described Charity Water’s approach as follows..

”We always want to be doing things differently, one of the fundamental reasons we exist is to reinvent charity.”

App Developer Kenny Miller Tells Us How He Created a Hit App

Kenny Miller is the mastermind behind the hit app “Dead Yourself”, that was created for Waking Dead.

Paper’s Creator Explains How He’s Transforming the Process of Creating

Georg Petschnigg is the CEO and  a founder of Fifty Three, the creators of Apple’s App of the Year in 2012, Paper. Paper has been a huge success and has re-invented the way creators and artists use tablets. (Apple’s designers use it, Square’s Jack Dorsey uses it and Flipboard is desgined using it- to name a few).  As Georg explained on IBM’s Smarter Planet blog he explains the philosophy behind Paper

“For us, it’s about getting to the heart of someone’s creative process. Over the last year, people have created more than 80 million pages in Paper. That’s close to 800 years’ worth of creation time. That’s people choosing not to do email, not to play Angry Birds. It’s people spending time with their thoughts and a blank canvas. And that, I think, is tremendous. That’s why I think we’re on this planet: to create.”

Arwa Mahdai of Contagious Shares the Best Great Comms Ideas Out There

Arwa Mahdawi is the Strategy Director for Contagious Communications in North America. Contagious has a unique perspective on the changing communications landscape. Since 2004, it’s been reporting, publishing, consulting and organizing conferences that describe and define the best in class creativity from brands and their agencies. Contagious understands what it takes to get to great, in an era where digital, social and traditional opportunities co-exist and thrive off each other.

Darren Marshall of VEB- How Coca-Cola Finds its Next Great Ideas

Darren Marshall helps Coca-Cola to identify and nurture it’s stable of emerging brands in its VEB unit. This brands include Honest Tea, Zico, Illy and Core Power. VEB’s role is to protect the core ideas and the creative energy that lies at the heart of these brands, but at the same time find ways to help them grow in the marketplace. VEB also has to be constantly on the look out for the next generation of emerging brands, so Darren has a unique perspective on what it takes to develop ideas that lead to brand growth, but also how to identify a great product proposition from the thousands that are out there.

Eliza Esquivel-How Mondelez Makes Communication Greatness a Corporate Priority

Eliza Esquivel has years of experience working on the strategy side of the agency business, but has recently moved client side to Mondelez International, which was formerly Kraft. Eliza’s role is to help push and nurture great communication ideas within a giant organization. Mondelez is not paying mere lip service to this concept and is investing heavily in tools and structures that lead to innovation in communication. 

We hope you can join us for what we believe will be a truly enlighning and inspiring day. You can register for Influx Creativity Conference here..




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