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Amazon- From Machine to Human

September 28, 2013

Last week, Amazon unveiled a series of new tablets with an imbedded feature called “Mayday”, which might be the most revolutionary advance of all; a button for live chat to connected with a human Amazon tech support rep.

While there’s a whole generation of people who, when it comes to technology, are very comfortable working things out for themselves, there are others who could really benefit from the support.  I am thinking about a generation of Baby Boomers and Post Boomers, who feel a little intimidated by technology, but trust Amazon and would therefore find this feature to be a key selling point.

While it looks as though Mayday is currently just tech support for the device, it’s easy to imagine that these support staff could easily transform into personal shoppers- dispatching advice and recommendations, if asked.

For Amazon, this further demonstrates the brand’s commitment to customer service, it shows a realization that in the age of the machine, there’s a need for human connection and from a research/learning perspective- what a fantastic way to get rich qualitative feedback on the OS and the device.

Here are some examples of Mayday in action from Amazon’s latest advertising campaign.

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