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Pushing the Edge of Mobile

August 17, 2013

Ubuntu Edge is an interesting experiment in the world of mobile hardware for all kinds of reasons- here are a few of them

1. It’s crowd-fund marketed- meaning the company has made its pitch to the crowd to get the cash it needs to produce the product.

2. It has audacious goals- it wants to raise $32million from the crowd, no one has ever got close to that figure.

3. It’s going after an under-exploited niche- Ubantu knows there are thousands of tech early adopters out there, just looking for the latest and greatest innovation in mobile, are willing to pay a premium to get their hands on that technology and be the test drivers

4. It’s selling a beta hardware experience- the pitch is all about pushing boundaries and getting users to see what’s possible.

5. Ubuntu is an OS that comes out of the Linux community and shares many its grass roots qualities, it’s the opposite of Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Samsung- and it’s anti-corporate qualities add to its appeal.

6. Consumers expect innovation to come from established companies with huge marketing and research budgets, not a loosely organized community, so it’s changing the way leading-edge technology comes to the market. It’s part of a movement that includes crowd-funded innovation for smart watches and 3D-printers, that are bringing cutting edge technology to the market, before the more established players.

7. Ubuntu wants to experiment and learn, but it’s taking itself extremely seriously and has an advisory group that includes Verizon and T-Mobile.

8. Finally, the product’s hardware and software are amazing- the phone can run Android and Ubuntu, it has 128gb of internal storage- it combines the power of a desktop with the mobility of the smartphone.

Ubantu has already smashed the record for crowd-funding, raising just over $10m, but with 5 days to go, it’s┬ástill tens of millions short of the $32m.

There are obviously people who want the Formula One of mobile technology, but are there enough of them?

Here’s the pitch:

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