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The Biggest Story in the World

March 29, 2015

The Guardian’s editor Alan Rushbridger  has 6 months left at his post and has a revelation over the holidays that he needs to leave a legacy by doing something meaningful. Inspired by a trip to Sweden where we meets Bill McKibben, an author, climate change advocate and the force behind Alan decides that his next 6 months needs to be dedicated to doing something meaningful about climate change, a task he’s failed at for the past 20 years.

The newspaper has produced a great podcast that explains the story behind this story and how the “challenge” has to cope with the reality of the enormity of the issue and how it can be given priority, given the day-to-day tasks of the paper. It explains the complexities that lie at the heart of the story and the process that got the paper to focus on divestment (from fossil fuel companies) as the most powerful and most single-minded way to impact climate change.

However, what makes the story interesting, is that along the journey, they discover the financial trust that owns The Guardian newspaper, holds investments in fossil fuel companies,  so they face a somewhat more complex problem than they first thought.

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